WEST COAST, Based in , CA   November 3-4, 2012

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The ADRLN Tropics is the most selective and talented team in the West, comprised of the top Adrenaline Primetime Players who have already committed to college. The ADRLN Tropics will showcase the top talent the West has to offer at the top tournaments in the country, delivering a strong western message to the rest of the lacrosse world. The Tropics will travel to different tournaments throughout the year to compete against not only the best High School club teams in the country, but their future teammates! These tournaments will provide the players with an excellent opportunity to prepare for the college level play that they will see in the upcoming years. Adrenaline and ADRLN Movement have teamed up to fully sponsor the ADRLN Tropics, as our way of saying thank you to the Tropics Team Members for all of their hard work and dedication over the years. Players will only be responisble for covering their travel fees and minimal insurance/tournament fees. In true Adrenaline Fashion, the Tropics will attend each tournament in style; ADRLN Movement will be outfitting the team with custom uniforms, an exclusive apparel package, and a custom Tropics Cascade Pro 7 Helmet!



The ADRLN Tropics team is comprised of the most talented, hardworking players in the West. Tropics members have been carefully selected by the ADRLN Evaluation Team; which is composed of Adrenaline President Alex Cade, Adrenaline Vice President Rory Doucette, West Coast Starz Founder Scott Hochstadt, LXMPro CEO Xander Ritz, Tropics Coaches Jono Zissi and Dan Meehan, as well as various NCAA coaches. The ADRLN Evaluation Team has been following many of these players throughout their lacrosse careers and has handpicked these players as the best the West has to offer.  Many of the Tropics players are members of the West Coast Starz and almost all of the players have attended an Adrenaline Primetime event. 



The ADRLN Tropics is an invite-only team. Once you have received an invite you can register directly on this page. Registration will be by event, so you will need to sign up for every tournament you plan to attend. Registration fees will vary by tournament, but all of this information will be sent to you beforehand. For details on upcoming tournaments, please see the tabs on the left. 



To find out the latest news, recent sucess, and just about everything else tropical please visit the Tropics Blog. To view online, please Click Here